OGDI Working Group Proposals

This page lists proposals to the OGDI Working Group, including pending, approved, and declined proposals. Please contact the Proposals Editor (currently Frank Warmerdam - warmerdam@pobox.com) to submit new proposals. Review 5.1 Proposal Guidelines for details on how to author a proposal.

Working Group Status

With the winding down of 3i, the working group, and 3i board no longer exist as a formal body to approve proposals for changes to 3i. At this point it is intended that a similar proposal process would be followed, but with final decisions made by the "OGDI Core Team" (currently just Frank Warmerdam) after discussion on the ogdidev mailing list.

As such, proposals 2.1 and 5.1 should not be considered entirely currently applicable, though most of both still would be applicable.

Pending Proposals

None Pending

Accepted Proposals

Withdrawn, Declined and Retired Proposals